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Agricultural crime cost South African farmers billions each year, with farm-focused criminals nabbing a whopping R7.7 billion in 2017 alone. When you learn that farmers in South Africa had to spend over R1.9 billion on farm security in 2018, it’s clear that crimes in farming communities are becoming a major issue in this country.

Private farm security making a difference

In contrast to the growth in other areas of crime, stock theft showed a minor decline of around 4% in the 2019/2020 year. This is thanks to the relentless farm security efforts made by private security companies to safeguard South Africa’s agricultural lifelines.

Proven Farm Crime Prevention Techniques

Agricultural criminals have a variety of lucrative things to target on a farm, so a variety of security measures will leave a farm holistically protected.

  1. Farm watch

Two important farm security measures off the bat are armed patrols and visible policing, but that’s not where farm watch security companies should stop. Snare removals, stock & crop guarding, and building community relationships to gather intelligence are also critical skills to keeping farms safe.

  1. Anti-poaching

All South Africans know poaching as the selfish assault on our endangered wildlife that it is. Anti-poaching measures can include regular patrols, visible policing, tracking down poachers, and preventing poaching by leveraging local intel networks.

  1. Strike control

We are a country where people’s feelings are heard through protest and striking. Some of these are peaceful, while others often slide into violence. On-call means farmers have backup should any worker demonstrations take an ugly turn.

  1. Private investigations

Like any conventional one, agricultural crimes can only be prevented or solved through good investigative work. This takes knowing the community you’re tasked with protecting and knowing it well. Private investigators can be called in to investigate, and assist police in solving, farm-related crimes.

Keeping KZN farming communities safe

Maser Security is uniquely qualified to handle the issue of farm crimes in KwaZulu-Natal. We are in your community, protecting you and your loved ones as we protect our own.

“Maser Security has been exemplary in their service to the Harding community, and I have seen a marked reduction in illegal activities such as poaching on our farms since they were awarded the security contract for the Alfred County Farmers Association.”

– Themba Forestry

 Our specialty private security services include farm watching, anti-poaching operations, strike control services and private investigations. Get in touch with Maser Security and get safer today!


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