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out-of-home emergency response

Emergencies don’t always happen at home. That’s why Maser has developed this critical, life-saving tool, to provide you and your whole family, around-the-clock emergency response.

Whenever and wherever you may be within our security footprint.

As an organisation, Maser is dedicated to your safety. We want you and your loved ones to feel secure in the knowledge that 24-hour protection is at your fingertips, wherever you go within our significant area of operation.

Our footprint extends all the way from Umtentweni to Marina Beach and inland to Harding.

This app-based security tool, allows you to request in and out-of-home armed response, paramedics in the event of a medical emergency and road-side assistance. In addition to this, Maser clients are able to keep track of loved ones, by sharing device location information and receive real-time alerts when a linked friend or family member initiates any of the panic responses.

This technology uses smart phone GPS functionality to pin point your exact location so that our control room wastes no time in directing first responders right to you – saving precious minutes and seconds.

Make sure you get the most out of this incredible tool by going to the settings icon and populating the various sections with your specific information.

A personalized profile will be created for you, so that we are able to give emergency services as much life-saving information about you as possible, when you need it most.

Every Maser household qualifies for two free app downloads.

Thereafter, additional immediate family members are able to download and access the app for a monthly fee of R25 per person. The main member will need to contact Maser directly to activate each additional app.

Please remember to test the panic buttons on your app within the first several days of downloading, so that we can ensure everything is working as it should for you.

For any queries on how to set-up or use the app – please call 039 315 7799 or email admin@maserforce.co.za

 National Coverage

For an additional fee of R80 per person, per month is also possible. With this premium membership, you will receive country-wide coverage and be able to request emergency response wherever you are in South Africa, through our affiliated partners at SA-SOS.