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Recent international event security breaches have proven to the world just how important reliable, intuitive event security is to keeping both hosts and attendees safe. Maser Security has provided iron-clad event security services in KwaZulu-Natal, and we have the numbers to secure even the largest of events taking place in and around the KZN Province.


  • Doormen, bouncers, and other static guards available
  • Guarding any municipal meetings and/or events
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I have decided to write this mail to congratulate you and your Maser team in Harding for doing an outstanding job not only for the farming community but the Town and the extended rural community.  Your team has definitely showed commitment to make Harding a better place and your effects in the area are evident.  I have received feed back from  SAPS and they to are very pleased with the work done by your team.

Please congratulate your team on their commitment and keep up the good work.

Greg Simpson, Sutton Farm

Maser has always gone the extra mile for making us feel safe. They quick to answer calls and respond to any problem I have, big or small, day or night without hesitation. I appreciate the fact that they phone you back after assessing a situation to give you feedback and put your mind at ease that they have our families wellbeing handled. Maser has time and time again blown us away with their proactive measures taken for the security of our farm and their vigilance during routine patrols that makes living in our community a lot safer.

They especially showed their true superpowers during the July 2021 riots whereby our family farm was caught in crossfire, because of Masers proactive fight during those tough first days of riots I could stay in our home and sleep at night knowing they had it handled.

Thank you Maser for your continued dedication to our Farm and Family Security. There’s no one else we would trust to do this huge job.

Dayna Mostert, Hamel Farm

I have been a client of Maser Security for the past 22 years.  Maser is a security company of absolute integrity and professionalism.

Throughout my 22 years of home security with Maser force, which also has been a relationship with numerous businesses and commercial properties, Maser has maintained a very high-quality service.  Their staff have been there for me and my extended family through numerous ordeals. Sadly, I have experienced murder, flooding and fire.  They have been there as a reaction unit and for emotional support.  They are quick to react, and with their patience and professionalism I could never consider another security company.  I have developed a relationship with the reaction staff that I know I could never have with any other security company.  I commend them on the highest level

Haydee Bothma

I have been a client of Maser Security for about 15years or more.
I am an extremely happy customer.
I often have to ask the controller to send a guard to remove trespassers off my property which they do professionally and are here within minutes.
I must commend Maser technicians on their quick and efficient assistance with any problem, even after hours.
As for the controller room staff, they are always friendly and extremely helpful.
From staff to management and even the accounts department, I am 100% sure of good service.
Thank you Maser for your service over the  years. Never have I doubted my safety and the safety of my property as Maser’s first priority.
Thank you.

Heidi-Anne Thuynsma

Maser Security has been exemplary in their service to the Harding community, and I have seen a marked reduction in illegal activities such as poaching on our farms since they were awarded the security contract for the Alfred County Farmers Association. I would like to note with particular importance their conduct during the recent Riots in KZN were their staff who put their lives at risk as they managed to save our properties in town from looters who were adamant in their attempts to breach our security systems.

Ant, a big thanks to you and your team.

Themba Forestry

Thank you for providing a highly professional and efficient service for our company, Surejoy Industries.

We hold your service in high regard knowing that we have a dependable security company that has a proven track record of dealing with our security matters. During your time in providing your service to us you have managed to help curb the rates of theft, assault, poaching and trespassing which have occurred in and around our farming business.

We highly recommend the services that Maser provides and would support you in your efforts to provide security to those who should employ your service.

Richard Payn

I would like to express my gratitude towards Anthony and his Maser Team.  Maser is a dedicated and hardworking team.

On the 19th July 2021, we saw the beginnings of 2 weeks of destruction across our beautiful country.  Anthony and his team members wasted no time to call a Urgent meeting with the farmers and neighbourhood folks to put together road blocks so we would keep our little town safe from destruction and burning down of our Malls.  Those 2 weeks where a testimony of the strength and ability that Maser Security could show us as farmers as well as our neighbourhood folks; they took their work seriously to keep us all safe.  There constant updates in person as well over WhatsApp group, was outstanding.  Requests to them where never too big to handle and always willing to do the job and go the extra mile.

As for being clients of Maser Security is a great honour.  Anthony and the Maser Team, keep up the excellent work and don’t stop corresponding with us all.

Mr Detlef & Tracey Wichmann

This letter serves to confirm our gratitude for and satisfaction with the services currently rendered by Messrs. MASER SECURITY, which company was contracted to provide private, re-active security services to our various enterprises including two farms, a factory site, homestead and ancillary operations in the rural Umuziwabantu municipality.

Messrs. Maser Security under the very competent leadership of the CEO Mr. Anthony Apostilides and his highly trained management have exceeded all of our expectations during the period of service. The in-field personnel are friendly, efficient and well equipped and provide far more than the commissioned re-active services.  They are observed patrolling the farms and infrastructure and providing a “presence” both day and night and have substantially reduced the levels of petty crime at our operations.  These services were especially evident during the July 2021 rioting/looting in our region, where their presence effectively prevented any damages to our enterprises.

Their staff are both willing and capable and they provide a continuing liaison service with the local authorities and the amakhosi, in our region, and thorough follow-ups with all criminal matters of relevance.

We are proud to be associated with Maser Security.

Mark Gallagher

We have been using Maser for more than 10 years at our house in Southbroom .

They are:
⁃ A professional and polite service.
⁃ Amazing response to alarms going off, immediate phone call, on site within minutes if required.
⁃ Automatic gate opening system by patrol cars.
⁃ Alarm system is extremely efficient and effective.
⁃ Quick response to requests to check or maintain the alarm system.
⁃ Always prepared to go the extra mile to assist people in destress, even if they are not their clients.

Richard & Karen Bridgeford

The benefit of choosing a small established security firm, is that one knows the staff personally and in turn they know you.

My positive experiences with the technical staff, the staff in the control room and the patrol staff has been what’s kept me loyal to Maser over many years.

Members of staff in all of the areas of the company have gone above and beyond to ensure my safety and welfare. The personal touch and familiarity with staff and the owner, as well as the professionalism and skills of staff has kept me loyal to Maser.

Southbroom Resident