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It’s the festive season holidays, when many of us hit the road to visit family or enjoy our time off somewhere other than at home.  KZN is flooded with visitors during this time – from people wanting to hit the beach to shady individuals who come here with criminal aspirations.

Whether you’re leaving your house unattended for a while, or you’re staying at home, and you’d like to feel a bit safer, this article sheds light on ways you can keep yourself and your loved ones safe these holidays.


1. Get a house sitter when you’re away

Unoccupied houses are often easy targets for burglars since there’s nobody home to stop them from taking their pick of your belongings.

It might be beneficial to get a house sitter to stay in your home while you’re on holiday. If this is not viable, maybe ask a neighbour to open your curtains in the morning and close them at night.


2. Make sure you have armed response

In the event of a burglary at your home during the festive period, it pays to have someone on call to come and defend you (or your belongings).

Armed response is a Maser Security specialty. We’re constantly pushing ourselves to reduce our response times, and don’t worry – we come locked and loaded.


3. Don’t leave the lights on all day and night

A sure sign to criminals that a home is ripe for the picking is when outside lights can be seen shining all day and night.

Nobody leaves outside lights on all day, so try get your lights onto a timing system before you head off on holiday or ask a neighbour to pop over and switch them off every morning.


4. Get an alarm system that’s right for your property

Does your current alarm system cover all your homes access points correctly? Is it effortless to use and does it come with 24-hour technical support? Do you even have an alarm system? Is your system linked to a cell phone giving you full control and notifications wherever you may be?

Alarm system installations and 24/7 control room monitoring is another Maser Security specialty. We’ve also got alarm system technicians on-call 24 hour a day, 7 days a week.


5. Reduce the number of possible hiding places

Thick bushes and other foliage provide criminals with ideal hiding places, from which they can case your home and plot their invasion.

Try cut thick shrubbery right back when summer starts or before you go on holiday, and while you’re at it check your fence for holes.


6. Don’t let holiday mode make you unaware

This applies while you’re at home and while you’re away on holiday. The year-end period is when pickpockets, drifters, and other petty criminals make their biggest hauls.

It might be time to relax, but you are at greater risk if your doors and security gates are wide open all day.


7. Invest in a CCTV system so you can keep an eye

Keeping ‘eyes’ on your property while you’re not home is a CCTV system . Visible exterior cameras are excellent deterrents, and if a home invasion occurs, you’ll have footage of the crime.

Installing CCTV systems is something we offer our clients, and we’ve got a technical team that can assist you with any CCTV-related issues 24/7.


8. Tell your security company that you’re going away

Telling your neighbours, you’re going away is great, but all they can do if they see your house being targeted is to call the police or a private security company.

Making sure your home security company knows that you’ll be away is much better, and it means they won’t have to second guess when your alarm goes off.


9. Assess the state of your home’s access points

Remember when we said that you should try trim your hedges back and while you’re there check for holes in the fence? Now we’re going to look for ‘holes’ in the building’s security.

Any small window with poor or no burglar guarding is a wide-open door for  home invaders, and flimsy or ancient security gates are often more visible deterrents than physical barriers.


10. Have technical security support on call

You’ve gone on holiday, and on your first night away the calls start – most times in the middle of the night. Your alarm keeps tripping, and your armed response wants to know if they should send a team or not.

Maser Security provides 24-hour technical support for alarm systems and CCTV camera systems. This means you don’t have to wait to get back before sorting the alarm issue out, since we can head over to your house immediately and fix any faults provided you have left a set of keys with a trusted key holder who can let the technicians into the home.


Effective private security services on KZN’s South Coast

Maser Security is situated in the heart of Durban’s south coast, as much a part of the region as the iconic golden shoreline. We live, work, and raise our kids in the KwaZulu-Natal communities we protect. Get iron-clad home security, both when you’re home and while you’re on holiday, by partnering with Maser Security. Find out how we can protect you today!

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